Quite obviously, we all love eating junk and are, or may be not aware of consequences that leads to some serious health related problems due to continuous eating of junk food. Particularly, children are generally unaware of such results that are the root cause of eating too much of junk. Burgers, French fries, too much […]

Treatment, prevention and symptoms of Dengue Fever!

Dengue fever is becoming major health concerns in the present times. Every year, millions of people get infected from this disease and they have to face life taking results. Dengue cases are rising with time dramatically since 1960’s. Still no vaccine has been found commercially for curing the dengue but only prevention is the way […]

Mental well being

Having a settle state of mind to have is vital in order to spend a balanced and happy life. A man needs to have both sorts of finesses for having a tag of being completely fit. Two of the finesses are physical and mental fitness. If one of these is missing then it will not […]